About Us:

Hi, we are Elise and Andy. We met years ago in college and began a journey together that led from friendship, to a relationship, to marriage. Throughout the years, travelling has been one of our most intense shared passions. We have visited numerous countries on multiple continents, but have longed for an adventure with a more indefinite end date. So with the nagging of the travel bug luring us back into the world, and the realization we only have one life to live, we decided to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the globe.  Please follow us and leave comments, suggestions, and words of encouragement as we make our way through this uncharted life.


Recent Posts:




Our around-the-world adventure has continued on from Varanasi to Nepal!

The Ganges (India)

From the tiny town of Orchha we took an overnight train to another small city.

Time-Out in the Maldives

After 26 hours of planes and layovers, we finally made it to the Maldives! The Maldives was not originally on our world tour itinerary, but after 4 months of being constantly on-the-go we were more than ready for both a mental and physical break.

Layover in Singapore

We left Greece and decided that we wanted a bit of a break before starting our adventures in Asia.

Greece (Part Two)

For the second half of our Greek Adventure (first half found here) we were able to spend a couple days in Athens and tour 2 Greek islands (Santorini and Naxos).