Layover in Singapore

We left Greece and decided that we wanted a bit of a break before starting our adventures in Asia. After some research we landed on the Maldives, a small island county in the Indian Ocean. On our way to the Maldives, we had a quick layover in Singapore.

We had to make use of our time with only a few hours to spare during our layover. We landed around 4 AM, and caught the first train into the city around 6:30 AM. Since it was DSC_0921a Sunday morning, the city was pretty quiet at this hour, so we started walking around and enjoying the view of the skyline.

After getting stuck in a rainstorm under a bridge for about an hour, we finally made it to the main attraction that we wanted to see… the Solar-Powered ‘Supertrees’. It turns out that the trees are actually part of a much larger garden called Gardens by the Bay. The garden is beautiful with so many varieties of plants, and it has a quirky feel with all of the funky art that can be found through.

The trees themselves are a man made forest which actually generates solar power. They also act as vents for the nearby greenhouses, and collect rainwater. I had seen photos of these trees a couple of years ago, and really wanted to see them in person! We enjoyed our time there, and even got a chance to walk through the canopy bridges. DSC_0994

Stay tuned, there is more to come on Maldives!


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