Plitvice & Split (Croatia)

Next up on our itinerary? Beautiful, sunny Croatia!

Our bus out of Ljublijana was, unfortunately, at 5:00 AM. With a 45 minute walk, and wanting to arrive 30-45 minutes before departure, and time needed to wake up/get ready, this meant alarms were going off around 3:00 AM. Certainly not our ideal travel day, but patience goes along ways while traveling. Croatia has been one of our most anticipated countries to visit, so traveling complaints aside, we could not have been more excited!

The Rundown:

Plitvice National Park:

Plitvice is probably not that well known, but most people have likely seen a photo or two of its world famous scenery. Plitvice National Park is comprised of several miles of hiking trails running along a series of bright blue lakes that cascade into one another providing mannyyyyy waterfalls along the way.DSC_0386

The park has a number of trails to choose from, and we were absolutely stunned by each that we did. We could not get over just how clear and beautiful the water was here! We spent the better part of two days taking in the scenery.

Unfortunately during peak hours the park did get a bit crowded. Whenever one of the more scenic waterfalls was ahead people would queue up on the path by the 100s just for their turn to snap a photo. We waited upwards of 20-30 minutes on multiple occasions for one of these shots.

Most people choose to visit the park as a day trip; however, we chose to stay at one of the accommodations within the park, and we would definitely recommend doing this! The tour buses start rolling in around 10 AM and leave around 4 PM. If you head into the park when it first opens (7AM) or stay until around closing time (8PM), you practically have the place to yourself.

On a side note, we noticed that one of the most beautiful overlooks in the park was not available via the primary pathways. We went looking for the overlook one day, and thankfully we were able to find a series of non-major pathways that led to the overlook, so if you are visiting in the near future keep an eye out for this!DSC_0574

The Rundown (Split):

  • Diocletian’s Palace and Split Old Town – This palace was created by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century. The palace was eventually abandoned by the Romans and then in the 7th century the palace was used to start a town which is now the city of Split. Today, all that is left of the palace is the chapel, some of the defensive walls, and the basement/cellars. It has also been turned into a town square/shopping district in the heart of the old town. This Roman ruin is especially unique since it is still being used and lived in today. We walked through the square and old town a number of times just to marvel at the scenery. We highly recommend this city/palace to all those interested. *FUN FACT! Many of Game of Thrones scenes were shot here and there is no shortage of memorabilia for sale to let you know this through out the town.*
  • Waterfront – Split has such a beautiful waterfront lined by tourist shops, restaurants, bars, night clubs and many other buildings. We spent a few hours one night watching the sunset and watching the flurry of activity taking place.
  • Hiking in City Park – We spent a few hours hiking through the park near the city of Split. Unfortunately, we chose do do this during the heat of the afternoon making it a much sweatier endeavor than we would have hoped. We still made it to the top of the hill and the amazing views of the city made the effort absolutely worth it.DSC_0181
  • Beaches – We decided to take it easy for a day and visit the beach for a few hours. Unfortunately shade was sparse for those who did not arrive early (that’s us), and they were also a bit crowded. We ended up finding a non-crowded spot on the water along a concrete pathway that connected two of the beaches. It was not ideal, but we could still put our feet in the water and we still enjoyed our time by the sea.

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