Vienna, Austria

The city of Vienna is such a regal city, and makes a very stunning first impression. The Hapsburg family ruled different kingdoms from here through the centuries right up unto the early 1900’s. It is due to this family that the city is truly so grand!

Unfortunately, the bout of sickness that started in Budapest follow us to Vienna, and forced us to stay in one place for almost an entire week. While we wish that we could have chosen the resting spot on our own time, it was really nice to have a break and enjoy the sites of Vienna at a slower pace.

The Run Down:

  • Sisi museum & Imperial Palace – The palace in downtown Vienna is HUGE and now houses various art museums, the national library, the current presidents offices, and historical museums including the royal residences just to name a few. We walked through the complex for quite some time, and then chose to visit the royal residence and the Sisi museum. Sisi was one of the last reigning Hapsburg queens who has left a lasting impression and and interesting museum in her wake.



  • Summer Palace – Just outside of Vienna is the summer palace for the Hapsburg family. The palace reminded us of Versailles in many ways. The Garden behind the palace was really beautiful!DSC_0860
  • The City – Overall it was really nice walking around the city and seeing the main sites such as the cathedral, town hall, the man made island in the middle of the Danube river, and seeing the various festivals that we ran into along the way.

One comment

  1. I remember feeling relieved when your Uncle Quentin and I reached Austria. The city was so organized and logical- evidence that the country was not under Soviet control.


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