Layover in Riga, Latvia

From Berlin we caught one of the cheap, regional airlines up to Helsinki, Finland with a layover in Riga, Latvia.

We intentionally scheduled an extended layover in Riga so we could pull the same trick we did in Dubai of leaving the airport and touring the city for the day. We had read you could hit most of the big tourist sites in a day in Riga, and this seemed to be pretty accurate. About the only things we felt we missed in Riga were a KGB Museum and a Latvian History Museum. These both sounded like fun, but we were honestly a little museumed-out after Berlin.

Riga itself is a beautiful little town with buildings ranging from the 15th century up until today. It had all the charm that we expected, but was a little rough around the edges with some buildings around the city falling into disrepair. The city was definitely a great introduction to the the Baltic region!

Things we Did:

We walked around and saw many of the famous sights including many old houses, cathedrals, markets, as well as the Riga Castle where the Latvian President resides today.


Our flight out of Riga was…interesting. Apparently most of the flights out of the airport are in the Morning and night, we arrived back at the airport around 7:00 PM for our 11:30 flight, and we were almost the only ones the airport for several hours. We actually went through airport security and were the only ones… that was a first for us!


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