Munich, Germany

After several days of transit we finally made it to Europe!

The Bavarian state of Germany felt so different, but yet strangely familiar when compared to the African and Middle Eastern surroundings we had become accustom to. After landing in Munich, it took us a full day of sleeping and relaxing before we were ready to jump back into the travel lifestyle.

What We did:

Nymphenburg/Royal Palace – This palace was used for several different purposes by multiple generations of the Bavarian royal family over the centuries. At one point it was an isolated summer residence in the countryside, but today Munich has grown to fully surround it.


Marien Platz – This is a beautiful square in the middle of the city. The building behind Andy is the town hall.


Beer Gardens/Markets/Parks – People flock to Munich from far and wide during September to enjoy Oktoberfest. While we were not here at the right time of year for Oktoberfest, we were able to get a small taste of the culture by visiting the local beer gardens and beer halls. They can be found everywhere, including the local parks and markets. Beer’s are sold in half and full liter glasses, and paired perfectly with bratwursts and the largest pretzels we have ever seen.DSC_0560

Neuschwanstein Castle – We decided to take a day trip to the Neuschwanstein Castel which is a little over 2 hours outside of Munich. It is well worth the journey just to see the beautiful landscape, which included the beginning of the Alps just across the border in Austria. The castle was built in the 1800’s by King Ludwig II who was deemed unfit to rule right before the castles completion, and in the end he only lived in it for a few days. Soon after his demise it was open to the tourists, and is still open today.DSC_0749


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