South Africa Takeaways:

Here are some of the funny things that we noticed while traveling through South Africa. 

South African English vs. America English:

  • Robot = Traffic Light
  • Hooter = Horn
  • Braai = BBQ
  • Petrol = Gas
  • Mash = Mashed Potatoes
  • Chips = Fries
  • Boot = Car Trunk
  • Plaster = Band aid
  • Gherkins = Pickles


  • South Africans eat tooonnnnssss of meat (they loove Braai)
  • We never found mustard or sliced turkey

South African Dishes:

  • Pap – Ground up white corn with ‘gravy’ on top (it looks like mashed potatoes)
  • Chakalaka – A vegetable relish made primarily of carrots (it looks a lot like Brunswick stew)
  • We also tried Ostrich, Kudu, and Wildebeest 🙂

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