Johannesburg and Pretoria

Our last stop in South Africa before heading north was to Pretoria/Johannesburg. While we enjoyed the sites in this area its reputation preceded it, so we did take precautions while traveling through.

What we Did:

  • Natural History Museum – We visited the museum to see one specific thing; the almost 2.5 million year old Australopithecus Africanus (early human) skulls that are on display. These skulls were found in caves not too far from Johannesburg.20170525_120514
  • Union Buildings – We briefly stopped outside the Union Building to walk around the area. This building functions as the main seat of government power in South Africa.
  • Apartheid Museum – We received an in depth look at the segregation and oppressions that took place in South Africa through the later half of the 20th century.
  • Soweto – Soweto is one of the many townships that were created in the mid 20th century to segregate the population during the Apartheid. We visited the Township of Soweto with a local guide and explored the different areas. We were able to enjoy the local culture and eat the local version of Braai (BBQ) at a power plant that has been transformed into a local restaurant where you can bungee jump from the top (we didn’t jump), we then continued on and visited some of the lower income sectors of the township (these areas did not even have basic utilities such as power or water).
  • Other Highlights – We also briefly visit the Soccer City Stadium (Where the 2010 FIFA World cup was held… don’t forget about the Vuvuzelas) and the street where 2 Nobel Prize Winners lived (Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu).

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