Kruger National Park – South Africa

Kruger National Park was so much fun, and extremely different from any other park that we have ever visited. Strangely, the best way that we can describe the park is that it reminded us of the movie Jurassic park. The animals in this park have free rein while the humans can only travel through the park in a vehicle. The only time visitors can exit their vehicles is when they enter one of the rest camps which are behind high electric fences. The fences seem to work most of the time; however, we did see impala and warthogs in some of the camps, as well as baboons who knew how to scale the walls without getting zapped.

The camp gates open at sunrise and close at sunset, so every guest must be out of the park or in their camp by 5:30 during this time of year. At each rest camp the park offered safari drives in which a guide would take you into the park in an open vehicle. Since we were able to drive ourselves through the park during the day, we decided to go on a couple of night drives since they could operate after the gates closed (It was really neat to see the park in complete darkness). During our night safaris we spotted a honey badger, genet, hyena, cheetah, as well as several other animals that we had already spotted during the day drives.DSC_0838

The number of animals that we spotted in Kruger was nothing less than amazing. Without intending to, we entered Kruger through one if most famous park gates. Within the first few minutes in the park we saw multiple wildebeests, impala, zebra, and giraffe. Most of the animals can be found throughout the park, and so many people we talked to were not impressed, but it was a heck of a start for us, and something we will never forget.DSC_0507

We were also able to see all of the “Big Five” , which include rhino, African buffalo, elephant, lion, and leopard. The leopard was the hardest to spot, and we were not sure if we would be able to find one during our four day stint in the park, but Andy spotted one in the bushes during one of our last days!DSC_0069

A list of some of the more impressive animals that we saw in the park includes: giraffe, Hippo, wildebeest, monkey, baboon, owl, horn bill, vulture, bald eagle, hyena, warthog, honey badger, Genet, impala, kudu, bush buck, eland, deer, miniature antelope, elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino, leopard, cheetah, dung beetle, crocodile,

What an awesome park! Oh, and I did spot one other animal that continues to grow on-top of Andy’s head…DSC_0719



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