Africa from coast-to-coast…

Our journey in South Africa started at the south western tip of the African continent in Cape Town and took us over 1,900 km to reach St. Lucia on the south eastern side of the continent.

Saint Lucia is a tiny little beach town in South Africa. It is somewhat off the beaten path from the main sites in South Africa and as a result is frequented less often by foreigners. The main allure for us is the wild life reserve close by. Saint Lucia is one of the top places on the continent to see hippos in the wild, and on this it certainly did not disappoint!

Our accommodation in Saint Lucia was our first taste of tent living in Africa. Our room consisted of a standard camping tent with a double bed and end tables stuffed in. Monkeys are a common sight around camp and they can be heard pillaging the trashcans in the early morning hours before anyone is up. The hotel staff chase them off with squirt guns, making for a funny nuisance to witness.

What We Did In St. Lucia:

  • Hippo and Croc Sunset Boat Excursion – This was so much fun! The company we booked with guaranteed we would see hippos (an easy claim since there are over 800 hippos in this estuary and they are territorial so they can be found in the same spots). We got to see probably 40+ hippos in the wild: grazing on mangrove trees, hanging out with their young, and wrestling. We did spot one crocodile on the trip, but only briefly. This was not a major disappointment, however, as we were warned ahead of time that the crocodiles are always hit or miss.DSC_0958
  • Cultural Tour of a Local Village – We also did a tour of a local village with a tour guide. The highlight of this trip was when we visited a local school and got to spend time playing with the kids. The kids were a blast, and LOVED to take pictures.DSC_0049


  1. Awesome stuff! Amazing that you saw Hippos in the wild. From your picture it looks like you got pretty close to them too. Keep the updates coming so we can live vicariously through your world travels! Stay safe 🙂


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