South Africa – The Journey East Continues

The last week has been a combination of all day drives mixed with down days spent trip planning. We have managed to sneak a few adventures in here and there, however. We have, also, officially entered the Eastern Cape (South Africa is divided into two ‘Capes’, an Eastern and Western one).

Places visited

  • Knysna Elephant Park – On our last day at Knysna we visited the Knysna Elephant Park where we got to feed and walk with a herd of 9 elephants. Our guides told us the elephants were “wild, but trained”. This meant the park staff do not break them of their natural instincts, but they are familiar enough with humans to not kill us (which we appreciated).DSC_0273
  • Storms River – Next we headed from Knysna to Jeffrey’s Bay, but not without an adventure along the way. We did a 3 hour hike along the cliffs of the Tsitsikamma forest which overlooks the Indian ocean. The scenery here was breathtaking.DSC_0324
  • Jeffrey’s Bay – Jeffrey’s Bay is a haven for surfers and all around beach-goers alike, which made it perfect spot for us to relax and do some planning the upcoming weeks of our trip. We spent 3 nights here enjoying the sunshine and relaxing around the hostel.
  • Chinsta – From Jeffrey’s Bay we had back-to-back all day drives; we ended the first of these in Chinsta. We only booked a night in Chinsta because it was a mid-point on our way to Underberg., however, when we saw how beautiful landscapes we regretted not staying longer.
  • Underberg – Underberg is a tiny town nestled in the Drakensberg mountains (elevation 5,100 ft.). The only big draw for tourists is that several companies run day trips up the Sani Pass (an elevation of almost 10,000 ft) where you leave South Africa and enter the country of Lesotho.

Sadly, Underberg was a bust for us. On the day of our arrival, South Africa had its first snow of the year which made the Sani Pass, ironically, impassable (c’mon Pass, you had one job!). Since we were booked for our next stop already we could, sadly, not reschedule making Lesotho the adventure that got away.

While we did not make it to Lesotho, we did manage to get some great pictures of it’s mountains from afar. Next we will be heading onward to Sain Lucia and Kruger National Park!



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