Cape Town

And we’re off…

Over the last 6 days we have begun to explore the Cape region of South Africa. We have enjoyed the sights it has to offer, and cannot wait to continue our road trip across the South African coast over the upcoming weeks.

Initial Thoughts:

We have already seen so many beautiful places in Cape Town and the Surrounding Regions. However, razor wire, electric fences, armed guard response signs, high walls surrounding each and every building, and the remnants from busted out car windows have driven home that crime is much more prevalent here than in other parts of the world. For this reason, we have stuck to well traveled areas and have not wandered out at night. The touristy areas we plan to visit should continue to be safe based on our research.

Major Places We Visited:

  • Table Mountain – This mountain provided an amazing view of the city of Cape Town and it did not disappoint. It is also one of the NEW Seven Natural Wonders of the World. (Yeah, we have no idea how official these lists are… who voted for this anyways, Tripadviser?)


    Table Mountain view of Cape Town

  • Robben Island – This is where Nelson Mandela, and many others spent time in prison during the apartheid. Nelson Mandela spent 18 of the total 27 years he spent in prison here. Our tour guide pictured below actually spent 7 years here as a political prisoner.
  • Cape Point / Cape of Good Hope – The most South Western tip of the African Continent (There are both points more South or more West in Africa, so we have not been able to figure out what this REALLY means). Nonetheless, this is a beautiful park that should not be missed!
  • Boulder Beach – Home to an African penguin colony! Enough said!

    20170503_131008 - Copy

    Boulder Beach

Animals (Andy’s Favorite Part):

We haven’t checked off any of the ‘Big Five’ in Africa yet (lion, elephant, cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros), but so far we have seen the following animals in the WILD: seals, otters, ostriches, eland, penguins, various birds (including the one that stole a sandwich out of Andy’s hand), marmot, dassi (which looks like a rodent but is most closely related to the elephant). We also saw warning sings for baboons and cape cobras, but thankfully didn’t spot any at the Cape of Good Hope.

The upcoming days will be filled with scenic drives, hiking, nature reserves, and other various adventures that we can not wait to explore!


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  1. Looks amazing! Jealous of seeing penguins at boulder beach and the rest of the menagerie you list. I will continue to live vicariously through you on your trip!

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