Life After

After months (years?) of planning, we have finally taken the leap and started our new uncharted life!

Our last few weeks in the United States consisted of a whirlwind of activity. It included leaving our jobs (gulp!), boxing up everything that we own, playing a furniture sized game of Tetris with our storage unit, selling our cars at the last minute for top dollar (yeah right), selling or turning over every key that we owned, tearful goodbyes with friends and family, and packing our travel bags.

In the picture you can see all of the bags that we intend to car2017-04-20 09.40.47ry around the world. After this picture was taken, we still realized that we were bringing wayy too much stuff and proceeded to leave additional belongings behind on the way to the airport.

Also, if you haven’t already noticed Andy has decided to try growing his hair out (he hasn’t cut it since at least November). We will see how long he can last!


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